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Full Hall For 4
(£75 / £100 inc drink)

1 kilo wings (sauce of choice)
4 Starters (from takeaway menu)
4 Mains (burger/hotdog of choice from takeaway menu not inc fries)
4 Fries (normal/krab, dirty fries supplement £3)
12 Cans Red Stripe or San Miguel
1 Bottle House White/Red/Rose (supplement for Prosecco £5)

Home run For 2
(£40 / £60 inc drink)

1 1/2 kilo wings (sauce of choice)
2 Starters (from takeaway menu)
2 Mains (burger/hotdog of choice from takeaway menu not inc fries)
2 Fries (normal/krab, dirty fries supplement £3)
6 Cans Red Stripe or San Miguel
1 Bottle House White/Red/Rose (supplement for Prosecco £5)

Nibble Platter
(£30 / £40 inc drink)

Jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks, macaroni bites, dirty fries, kilo wings
6 Cans  Red Stripe or San Miguel

Navy Pier Nibbles

Old Dukes Billtong Jerky
The real deal & ridiculously moreish...
McCarthy Mozzerella sticks (v)
Crispy mozzarella sticky with a spicy buffalo...
Millennium Macaroni bites (v)
3 cheese macaroni bites covered in breadcrumbs...
Jordan’s Jalapeño bites (V)
Jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese covered...
Damnnnn Dirty fries (gf)
Seasoned fries home made chilli, melted cheddar...
Kanye’s Krab fries (VE GF)
Lightly spiced fries with old bay seasoning.


Sliders platter
2 cheese burgers, 2 meatball sandwich, 2 fried chicken burgers,...
Fish tank
Whitebait, calamari, fish goujons, oyster prawns, old bay seasoning, lemon...
Veggie plank (v)
Jalapeño poppers, mozzarella sticks and macaroni bites salad and fries.

Bucktown Burgers

Baba Ganoush (VE)
2 tempura battered aubergine slices, babaganoush sauce, fries and slaw
DFC Chicken Burger
Ranch sauce, fries and slaw
Black and blue
2x patty, topped with gorgonzola cheese, fries and slaw
Stack challenge burger
4x patty, cheese, bacon, burger sauce, fries and slaw
Dirty Bulls
2x patty, homemade chilli, cheese, sliced jalapeños, fries and slaw
Mushroom and truffle
2x patty, mushroom, carmelized onion, cheese & truffle mayonnaise fries...
Old Dukes
2 x patty, cheese, bacon, house burger sauce, fries and...

Chicago Bulldogs

Vegan dog
Fries and slaw
Dogs pollocks
Jumbo fish finger, baby gem lettuce, tartar sauce
Dirty dog
All beef hotdog, homemade chilli, cheese, sliced jalapeño, fries and...
Classic Dog
All beef hotdog, red onion, deli mustard, ketchup, fries and...


Seared seabass (gf)
Spicy red pepper and fennel stew
Large red prawn (gf)
Chilli and lime butter, mixed salad

Chicago White Sox Steaks

10oz rump steak
Mushroom, tomato, fries.
10 oz Flat iron
Mushroom, tomato, fries.

Wentz's Wings

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Rooten Tooten Beer
Kahlua, Galliano, Lime Juice, Root Beer
Apple Jack Dive Cot
Buffalo Trace, Caramelised Apple Honey Syrup Lemon Juice, Apple Juice
Red Sox Soda
Citrus Vodka, Raspberry Liqueur, Raspberry Acid, Cream Soda
Basil Grande Cost
Strawberry Pure, Basil, Vodka, Cherry Liqueur, Chambord, Cranberry
EZ Mojito
Havana 3, Mint, Gomme, Lime Soda
Lazy Old Fashioned
Buffalo Trace, Angostura Bitters, Orange Bitters, Gomme
ROSÉ wine
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